B.1. LC3 Image Generator

Instructions are at the end of the page.


  1. Choose the width and height of the image. You are limited to 50 pixels on each side.
  2. Click "Update Size" and the green boundary will expand.
  3. Choose the color which is ignored by the generator. This means that the MSb of the color will be zero. If you want all colors to NOT be ignored, then pick a color you are not using***.
  4. Choose the color you want to turn the pixel. Then click that pixel inside the green boundary. Clicking outside the boundary does nothing.
  5. Once your image is ready, click "Generate Code" to get the LC-3.
  6. Copy the LC-3 to your file.
  7. Run the code.

*** Note: The LC-3 simulator ignores the MSb. This bit can be used to indicate whether the color is printed or not. The generator sets this bit based on the ignore color that is selected. If you don’t check the MSb then all pixels will print regardless of MSb.

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